Sram Eagle, how to choose the right model

All of the Stram Eagle sets are good. They are better than any sets that were 10 years ago on market. The difference between models is in materials and additional features.


It is the cheapest set, you cannot even buy this on market

NX 300$

Just a good set

GX 545$

This is the best set in price/quality ratio. usually is used in bikes from 2000$ to 5000$

GX carbon 685$

is made of carbon, so it weighs less.

X01 eagle 1285$

XX1 1500$

nearly the same as X01, just better material

X01 eagle AXS 1900

This model does not have wires. It is an electrical set. That means, that when you pull the trigger, the trigger will send a signal to the rear chainring changer. usually, it has enough power for one day, so it is not a good variant for long-term trailing.

more information you can find in this youtube video