List of projects.

Austrian Boxes

Investments:¬†‚ā¨20 000 to¬†continue a¬†project

The goal is to construct Bike lockers suitable for courtyards, shopping centers, office buildings, universities, and hotels all around Europe. In the presentation for investors below, you may find features of the bike lockers.

Austrian Boxes b2b for investors Author: Daniil Kovekh.


We started this project as a university project with four other members. We made a business model of box sharing. We planned to produce and place the bicycles by ourselves like it does another Austrian startup, which, how it appeared in the future, have not produced even ten boxes in 10 years. This model was too slow.

I was standing for¬†the¬†franchise plus retail model. We start with the¬†retail model. We will improve the¬†boxes and¬†develop an¬†app in¬†this timeframe, which appears to¬†be a¬†huge deal. I consulted with the¬†technical engineer of¬†Sberbank to¬†understand how to¬†do the¬†IoT handle to¬†open the¬†box with a¬†smartphone and¬†understood that the¬†price for¬†this work will be 5k‚ā¨-8k‚ā¨ and¬†it must be made only with senior IoT developers due to¬†the¬†high responsibility and¬†need to¬†create server, database and¬†the¬†IoT dev.

The franchise must be started when the product will be ideal against the most threats, and the application will work stable.

I chose three main customers: business centers, small businesses, and hotels. Customers must situate all of them not far from the production point to make the delivery costs not higher than 10% of the cost.

For now, I am looking for team members; you may find the job posts soon. Ideally, it will be an unpaid internship since many students are ready to work for free to get one more line in a CV.

If you are interested in this project, send an email to or comment below. 2019

Due to the domain loss, Coldcaller is not available for registering and using the profile. This happened because I set PHP and SQL for Most of the project files are still available, so I can set everything as it was before. 2018

An online bookcrossing p2p and b2c platform. The target audience: Russian population, 14-30, 45-65 years old, living in big cities.

What people do on Bookchange
On Bookchange, people find books, bookstores, bookcrossing points, libraries, and readers’ clubs. Bookchange is also a place where people buy, sell, give away, and rent books. Bookstores sell books in case if the book is not available on the p2p platform.

Goals of bookchange
Bookchange aims to create a community of readers, make reading less expensive, and protect our nature.

How to monetize the project
Money comes from advertisements in bookshops (online/offline), libraries, and cafes.
Furthermore, we can advertise publishers, books, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Bookchange can be responsible for rent and trading activities, where we guarantee to receive full payment.

What happened with the project

Unfortunately, I have suspended the project since 2019. I did not have enough knowledge to start with design and end with the backend alone. I am still willing to continue this project but in Vienna. The bookcrossing infrastructure here is more developed than in Moscow. (link to the mirror of a site)

Guitar AI 2018

project of self-playing physical guitar that I made as a school project. I used C, Arduino, Bluetooth technology, and web programming to make it work.
Due to¬†financial restrictions, the¬†project‚Äôs total cost was less than 35‚ā¨, so the¬†main part was the¬†code.